If it weren't for computers, where would we find frustration in our lives? When everything works they can be fun and useful, but when things go wrong they can be a source of early aging! Here are some tips, tools and links to help when things don't work as they should.

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Configuration Information
  Email Configuration
  DSL Setup Instructions - Actiontec GT-701 DSL Modem
  DSL Setup Instructions - Actiontec GT-701-wg DSL Modem
Email Problems and Information
  Outlook Express: Cannot open or view attachments
  Outlook or Outlook Express: Timeouts when sending or receiving
  Outlook Express Timeout with Error Number 0x800CCC19
  How to display email headers in Outlook Express
  Spam Email Filtering Information
Strange or Unexpected System Behavior - Adware or Spyware
  Home Page keeps resetting to a different website
  System performance and/or connection speed declines drastically
  Abnormally high number of popup windows


Hardware - Computers, Printers, Scanners, Peripherals
  Apple Computers
  Canon Printers and Scanners
  Compaq & Hewlett-Packard Computers, Printers and Other Peripherals
  Dell Computers
  Epson Printers and Scanners
  Gateway Computers
  IBM Computers and Printers
  Eudora Email Software from Qualcomm
  Firefox Browser Software from Mozilla
  Microsoft Software
  Netscape Browser Software
  Opera Browser Software

  Annoyances.Org - Windows Tech Support Information
  HelpOnThe.Net - "Tech Support Guy"
  HelpWithWindows.Com - Windows Information and Help Topics
  ModemHelp.Org - Links to Modem Driver Sites
  56K.Com - Modem Information & Troubleshooting

  HTML Goodies
  The Webmaster's Reference Library
  Webmaster's Virtual Bookcase
  Search Engine Watch - Info on Search Engines and Search Engine Listings