DSL from Montana.Net is a high-speed alternative to the traditional 56K dial-up access. With DSL your computer is always connected to the Internet and your phone line is always available for phone calls.

We offer DSL in the following locations and surrounding areas:

Gallatin Gateway

Miles City
Red Lodge
Three Forks
West Yellowstone
Park city





DSL "piggy-backs" on your phone line, so you must have an active telephone line that qualifies for DSL service in order to have a DSL account. A telephone line that has been set up to utilize DSL Internet access will also incur monthly billing charges from Qwest. Activation of a new DSL account generally takes 5 to 7 days, unless Qwest needs to perform conditioning work on the phone line to be used for DSL access.

To inquire about the availability of DSL for your location or to sign up if you already know that DSL is available at your location CLICK HERE!

DSL requires use of a Qwest DSL modem, which may be purchased from Qwest or rented for a monthly charge. The decision to purchase or rent the modem is made at the time that the DSL is ordered.

Each DSL account includes 3 email accounts. Additional email accounts are available for $3.00 per month per email account.



Because DSL service divides your telephone line into two channels, one for voice and one for data, it is important to install "microfilters" on telephone device that is connected to the telephone line that will receive DSL service in order to separate the voice channel from the data channel to prevent interference. Some security alarms and utility meters also use the phone line and would require filtering. A single package of microfilters includes one (1) "wall mount" microfilter for wall-mounted telephones and three (3) "in-line" microfilters, and is provided by Qwest at no charge. Additional packages of microfilters can be purchased from Qwest at the time the DSL service is ordered.

Each DSL account is allowed 3 gigabytes of data transfer per month. Data transfers in excess of this amount are billed at $10 per gigabyte (or fraction thereof) per month.

Dial-Up access, for use by the DSL account-holder when away from their DSL location, is available for at the following rates:

  • Unmetered usage: $10.00 per month.
  • Low-Usage (10 hours per month): $4.50 per month.

Static IP addresses are available for $6.00 per month.